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Andrea Humphrey

- Supervising Paralegal -



    Attended John Jay College 


       Malverne Senior High School




Professional Organizations



     Andrea Humphrey has been working  in the Personal Injury Protection (PIP)/ No-Fault arena for over 20 years, and has led a team everywhere she has worked. The first 15 years of her career were working within Insurance Defense as well as Staff Counsel for various major insurance carriers.  Andrea transitioned to Plaintiff No-Fault recovery at The Dash Law Firm and has been excelling  for the last 5+ years. At Dash Law Firm,Andrea works closely with the attorneys, as well as supervises the paralegals and support staff.


     Andrea’s experience and analytical approach to problem solving  was essential in integrating new protocols and software to better manage a heavy case load. This created a sturdy infrastructure and better workflow for the entire office.

     When she's not at Dash Law, Andrea can be found watching True Crime Documentaries, Forensic Files and Unsolved Mysteries.  She loves to pick up a mic at Karaoke and enjoys her family time playing board games and charades.  Andrea is very active….playing sports with her son and nephews.  This ball of energy is usually the resident quarterback in a friendly game of touch football.








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